Outward Hound Backpack & Life Jacket Sizing!? Whats most important?

It’s a very common issue we come across on a day to day basis when consumers are ordering on the internet.  What size do I need for my **insert dog name here**.  Outward Hound now has a detailed measurement guide in order to assist! Many people look at the weight of their dog and buy accordingly, but that is not correct. The most important aspect when sizing your pup for a new Life Jacket or Backpack is the girth around the widest part of the ribcage. These backpacks and life jackets were built and designed to overlap with both girth and weight. For example, A dog who weighs 15lbs and has a girth of 17″ could fit into two different sizes of life jackets which makes it very confusing on deciding which size to purchase.  We are now offering back and neck measurement sizing to help assist a little better.  If you think your dog is not yet done growing you may want to purchase the larger size and allow him or her to fill it in. But if they are already adults then you may want to purchase the smaller size knowing it will give your dog a better overall fit.

Our new protocol for measuring your dog for a new life jacket or backpack follows 3 steps:

1) Measure the girth – This is the most important measurement and it is the thickest part around the rib cage

2) Measure the lower Neck Area – This measurement is not the same size as your collar size, rather it is the measurement taken around the lower part of the neck to chest area

3) Measure the length of the back

After you come up with your measurements you should get an ideal size or possibly 2 sizes your dog may fit into, then take their weight into consideration on making your final decision! We have attached a full diagram of where to measure and what sizes your dog will take! Now that wasn’t to hard…

2013_OHMeasuring Guide




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