How much weight can my dogs backpack hold?

One of the most common questions received in our day to day business operations is: How much weight can my dog carry in his or her backpack?

Outward Hound dog backpacks  have been tested to hold A LOT of weight, much more then you would ever want your 4 legged companion to carry.  A good rule of thumb to go by:  If you dog is VERY FIT & ACTIVE  you would only want to put 1/3 their body weight on their back to be carried in their backpack.

And remember like a human lifting weights, you don’t start with the maximum weight you can lift, you start small & work your way up. Same with your pup, start them out with a small amount of weight and work them up to what you want them to carry. With a few practice runs in, you and your pup will be off and backpacking!

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